ColdStorage Consultants

The rising productivity and rich harvests in the fast growing and flourshing agricultural scenario of modern India, call out for the necessaity of advanced Cold Storage Systems and extensive facilities. 'Cold Chains' are today the need of the hour to avoid heavy post harvest losses and enhance bright export prospects.

At ColdCare we are abreast of the critical aspects of this need and endeavor to fulfil it with the highest degree of commitment. Our expertise is focussed to deliver the most reliable turnkey solutions, to your comprehensice requirements in coldstorage constructions.

ColdCare Services has been formed by professionals to offer services in the field of establishing cold stores in India. The company is managed by a Board of Directors with diversified expertise in various fields We are ventured into consultancy, construction and transfer of Cold Storage Units.

Based on our Quality, Competence and capability coupled with the utmost eficiency, reliabilty and continuity in providing timely service, We enjoy the reputation of ranking as the foremost, in the specialized sphere of coldstorage constructions.

Why Us

  • Experience & Reputation Since 1998
  • Specializing in Food Processing Construction
  • Specializing in Cold Storage Construction
  • Project Handling from Concept to Keys
  • Acclaimed for Projects On Time & Within Budget
  • Unparalleled Safety Record
  • Reputed for Quality, Dependability, Performance
  • Skilled & Experienced Project Team

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