Cold Storage Construction

One of the prime needs of construction is the pace of implementation after prototype was completed; efforts were made to make the whole cold store support structure pre fabricated. Coldcare Services will source all its requirements including rigid frames, beams, cladding supports etc. in totally pre-fabricated condition and erection will be done at site by the experienced crew of CCS there by SAVING TIME. CCS will use products which are designed using relevant IS and American standards, factory fabricated, tested at factory using ultrasonic and radiographic equipment’s

With implementation of modern technology, we specialize in
  • Reducing Power consumption (up to 30%)
  • Adopt speedy construction methods
  • Make the units Export oriented


In a country like India, with its location-carried weather and also higher levels of pollution, CCS has advocated use of panels with outer steel skin galvanized to 275 grams/sq.mtr. The insulation core inside can be expandable Polystyrene or PUF depending on the client’s choice and based on the product requirement. CCS has developed polyurethane-based powder coated flashing for aesthetics as well as long life.

We are using the panels in length of maximum 40 ft in view of transport constraints. The panels support design has been evolving using British/American code for various thickness and wind speed and accordingly, support of panels on to the steel structure as RACK SUPPORTED COLD STORE has been evolved. Special sealant has been developed by CCS to enable use of panels as exposed wall/roof.

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