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ColdStorage Builders & Service Providers

   We are not only Cold Storage Builders but also for the Clients ColdCare promises the genuine advantages of the true One Stop Service.
We take care of everything in the consultation of coldstorage, starting from the concept, design, implementation, installation and even the commissioning of the Cold Storage. And every step is fully customized with the ultimate aim of ensuring the perfect environement for your produce.

   Totally tuned into the agro outputs and their nature, ColdCare makes sure of a suitable storage environment for each and every product. As a seasoned professionals we know that every product requires detailed storage specifications that are fully incorporated in our custom built storage systems.

Cold Storage Maintenance

   Our commitment does not end with the completion of coldstorage construction, it is the beginning of a strong bond of service that extends to become a lasting relationship. Being there when you need us, is our service priority, so you can rely on us for the best after sales service. Our response is prompt and our action is immediate, because we that a timely technical solution would enhance the lifetime of your produce.

Why Us

  • Experience & Reputation Since 1998
  • Specializing in Food Processing Construction
  • Specializing in Cold Storage Construction
  • Project Handling from Concept to Keys
  • Acclaimed for Projects On Time & Within Budget
  • Unparalleled Safety Record
  • Reputed for Quality, Dependability, Performance
  • Skilled & Experienced Project Team

Our Projects